As you likely know, a mantra is an expression of beliefs which are repeated often. Leaders at Mercedes-Benz USA visually depicted their transformation campaign to be "driven to delight" with the following image:

Driven To Delight

and expressed the beliefs behind their efforts in the following mantra:

"driven to delight. it is not just a phrase. it is a path, a promise, a belief. it is a commitment to creating positive relationships. to making people smile. and to leaving them with a sense of complete trust. driven to delight means exceptional personal treatment. it is a reminder that the journey is never done. that there is always a more thoughtful way. and throughout each interaction we must remember that the best or nothing cannot just be a description of our vehicles. but it must also represent the people behind them."

As depicted in the following link, Driven to Delight imagery and the mantra are repeatedly and widely presented across Mercedes-Benz USA.

Driven To Delight

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